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How To Use A Shower Steamer

Never used a Shower Steamer before? 

Don't worry - They are easy to use!


Quite simply, they need to get wet to react and begin releasing the essential oils. The point of a Shower Steamer is to fill your shower cubicle or room with strong aromas and essential oils - basically creating a mini aromatherapy experience in your shower.

Start a warm shower and place the Shower Steamer on the shower floor. It needs to have a steady flow of water on it to fizz and release the aromas, but make sure not to put it directly under the shower or it will dissolve too quickly and you won't feel the full benefit!

As the Shower Steamer reacts with the water, the shower will begin to fill with gorgeous fragrances, providing you with an aromatherapy session in your shower. The great part is you don’t have to wait long either, by the time your shower has warmed up, your room of aroma will be ready.


Once they have dissolved, the experience doesn't stop, as the aromas and essentials oils will have filled your room meaning you will continue to experience the benefits.

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