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The Undercover Yeti Story

Undercover Yeti Ltd is a family run company based in Suffolk which specialises in handmade skin care products and cosmetics.

Our mission is simple - 'Produce luxury products at a more affordable cost', and we aim to do this by remaining as Eco-Friendly, Natural and Local as possible.


With a less conventional background of working as distillers in a local Brewery/Distillery, our company founders Jonny and Sally use their knowledge of aromas to blend combinations of oils for a luxurious experience with every product. A combination of established and innovative products mean our customers can enjoy a different experience with each one.

Our Products and what we retail.

All our products are handmade in small batches and have been cosmetically approved.

Our Soap Bars are handmade using a centuries-old method called cold process, it takes us a couple of weeks to cure each carefully prepared batch. We believe that this technique provides a high quality experience that is soft and moisturising on your skin, but also provides a long lasting fragrance.

Our Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers, Lip Balms and bath teas are all made by hand in small batches to ensure quality control. We always test part of the batch ourselves to guarantee a high standard of products. 

Our Beard Oil is mixed by hand and tested by Jonny to ensure a luxurious consistency and premium quality.

Our Gift Sets are made to order, we ensure they look as amazing as possible before we close them up and send them to you!

We also retail a range of additional products, these are things we believe to enhance your experience but also look good in your house. 

Our ingredients

We really believe that 'you get out what you put in' and this is why we don't cut corners with cheaper alternatives to our ingredients. We look for the best ingredients and consider if they are organic, natural and sustainable before we even add them to our cart. We know where they come from because we buy from suppliers who are transparent with us, whose supply chains we can verify, and that we trust to be kind to the environment and caring towards their people. For more information on our suppliers, contact us here.


Our products are vegetarian friendly

Our products and raw ingredients are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. We ensure that all our suppliers do everything they can to ensure that the ingredients are produced ethically and sustainably.

Animal Testing Declaration

Undercover Yeti Ltd does not test on animals, we believe that animal testing is not acceptable in any shape, way or form. We do not use materials that contain animal derivatives that are unsuitable for vegetarians and we only buy raw materials from companies that are not involved in the use of, or commission the use of, animals for testing and we have no plans to do so in the future. We recognize that customer safety is of utmost importance but that this can be assured without the use of animals, and this is why we test all of our products ourselves, and have them verified with cosmetic reports produced by chemists for each product that we sell.

Responsible packaging

To put it simply, we don't like waste. We aim to keep our packaging as recyclable and harmless as possible. Our cardboard boxes are recyclable and can be reused by our customers, whilst our packaging peanuts are made from corn husks, they even dissolve in water (don't worry about their ability to protect your product, we wouldn't use them if we didn't believe they were fit for the job!). Our wood shavings in our gift sets are sourced from sustainable suppliers and are widely recyclable or reusable, and our paper bags are widely dissolved too, even the clear windows are specially designed to be bio-degradable. We have reduced the size of our label stickers so that they can be recycled with our boxes in the majority of locations around the UK. Our Glass bottles and Metal tins are fully recyclable and we encourage them to be reused.

See our Good Manufacturing Policy Here.

Stack of Soaps

Our Approach

Herbal Oils

The Input

Ingredients matter - We don't believe in cutting corners with cheaper alternatives, instead we always attempt to source ingredients which are both high standard and ethically produced. We ensure all our suppliers are free from animal cruelty.


The Method

Each method we use is tried, tested and perfected to each item to ensure the best possible product at the end. Established methods and small batches mean consistently high quality products that give a luxury experience with every use. 


The Outcome

All our products are from scratch. We put in the hours and test them ourselves to ensure that you will use and love all of our products. We have also taken the time to ensure our packaging is as harmless as possible to the world, without risking damage to your goods.


Why we do it

We love our products and the experience they provide, and that is why we make them for our customers. Being able to help our customers take better care of their skin and provide them with an experience that they consistently want more of is the reason we continue to develop Undercover Yeti Ltd. Our team may be small but we aim to be the best.

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