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Our Mystery Pouches embody our zero-waste ambition. The reality of being a small handmade artisan company is that not every batch of products comes out in perfect condition to sell at full price, however, unlike bath bombs or other single use items, our soaps last too long to be used by just us.


Apart from visual imperfections they are perfect in every other way and they have the same qualities as a normal bar of our soap.


Each Mystery Pouch contains four different cuts of soaps (each cut will vary in size), held together in one of our exfoliating Sisals, perfect for travelling or hanging in the shower.


All our Soap Bars are made with the highest quality base oils which are both a thoroughly rich and moisturising ingredient, combined they also provide a good lather and skin nourishment. Because our Soap Bars are natural and chemical free, they do not contain any chemical hardeners or preservatives, which means they need to be stored in a way where they can drain effectively and not retain moisture (as this makes soap bars soft).




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