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This adorable Mini Soap Gift is the perfect little gift for anyone. The Gift Set allows you to choose your own Soap, adding a touch of personalisation to the gift. It makes for the ideal starting point for someone who wants to look after themself by finding a natural alternative to plastic. We will ensure this little gift set is presented beautifully and is packed with the highest quality of natural products. 


What is included? - 3 items:


- Soap Bar - Choose from our invigorating collection of Soap Bars to edit this Gift Set for the recipient. Our Soap Bars are filled with aromas, essential oils and body butters like Shea, Mango and Cocoa butter to give you a wonderfully moisturising experience with every use.


- Sisal Soap Pouch - an ideal option for a gentle exfoliation and an amazing alternative to a plastic loofah. The pouch will assist with the drying of the soap once its been used and because of its adjustible draw string, it can be hung anywhere without the risk of the soap falling out. Because of its standard size, the sisal can be used for any other soaps you have as well. (We personally love adding any leftover soap ends to our sisal, to ensure we waste as little as possible!)


- Bamboo Soap Dish - We love being able to offer our customers a high quality 100% natural and biodegradeable option to something that is used everyday. This soap dish has the ideal design to ensure that your soap dries out perfectly after each use.The bamboo dish has 3 key drain off points and keeps your soaps off any wet patches, and because of its size, it can be used for most standard soaps as well. 

Mini Soap Gift Set


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