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If this had anymore butter in it, we would add it to toast. Perfect for gently moisturising your skin whilst the gentle scent calms and relaxes your mind.


Remove from packaging, drop into warm bath, and watch as the butters melt away and dissolve into the bath.


Ingredients Bicarbonate soda, Citric acid, Corn-starch, Sodium lauryl sulphoacetate, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Witch Hazel, Parfum, Cananga odorata Oil, Coco butter, Shea Butter, INCI: CI11680P, *Benzyl Benzoate, * Linalool.

*Naturally occurring in essential oils

For External use only and not for infant use, or for application to mucous membranes, broken skin or the eye area. If irritation occurs discontinue use. May cause a slippery bath and temporary staining. – APPROX 105g



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